Scotnet POP-User Maintenance

These screens allow you to maintain your pop-mail parameters.

Click on this link for further online user help

All functions require you to enter your sop username and sop password before clicking on the button for the required function (this password is the pop mailbox password). Your sop username will typically be of the form sop09999a. You must enter the letters sop as well as the number and letter.

SOP name Password

To see the details of your last attempts at accessing pop email
Send a test email to my POP account

The options below can only be used if you have subscribed to our anti-spam-mail package.

To examine or modify your address book of email addresses that you trust
To view message which are awaiting acknowledgement and/or to force delivery
To change the message sent to challenge incoming mail (EXPERTS ONLY)
To unsubscribe from the Scotnet AntiSpam System, click here (EXPERTS ONLY)