Scotnet Out of Office & Auto-Responder Control Console
Welcome to the Scotnet Out of Office & Auto-responder control console

These pages allows you to manage your Out of office & auto responder messages for POP3 e-mail
An out of office message is an automated e-mail response to messages sent to a specific address over a specific period. This facility is typically used whilst you are unable to access e-mails - i.e. whilst on holiday. An auto-responded essentially works in the same way, however there is usually no specified end date. This facility is normally used for confirming receipt of e-mails sent to generic e-mail address - eg 'thank you for your e-mail, we will respond to you shortly'.

These facilities will only send a response to the same sender up to 3 times per day. This restriction is to prevent mail loops - i.e. two auto responders constantly e-mailing each other.
In order to use this facility, you must have it enabled on your e-mail account. If you would like to purchase this service, please click here. If your account is already enabled, please follow the instructions below.

SOP name Password

Enable / Edit your out of office / vacation message
Disable your out of office / vacation message